Comic for September 12th, 2016
September 12th, 2016

Jenni Watt, Owen Rong(RIP)

Yup, 46 just weaponized “Who’s on First.”

Discussion (8)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    They got totally owned by a shit-talking robot and a straight ensign – if they’re that easy to keep occupied, these two will still be here by the time Belinda has got to the bottom of this matter! ­čśÇ

  2. TeaAddict1 says:

    Wait, were the names of Hu, Watt, and Rong all intentionally leading up to this?

  3. General Mars says:

    Third Base!

  4. Cosmas says:

    Love it.

  5. Mr. Speck says:

    Wow, this was fantastic.

  6. MSM007 says:

    Nice. A weaponized classic bit and I got my prize from the anniversary contest.

  7. Ordo says:

    Haha! I think this has to be my favorite comic of all time now.