Comic for October 10th, 2016
October 10th, 2016

Season 15, Episode 3: Alien Restoration, The Revenant, The Agrivator, Darth Angrius, Darth Pestilous

A new ship design for Darth Pestilous.  And there’s Darth Angrius’s ship again.  It was one of the first ships I designed for the comic and it still happens to be around.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Mr. Speck says:

    This exchange is more or less Angrius’s entire history in the comic summed up in two sentences.

  2. Bird of Prey says:

    Not the performance report you’d want to deliver to your boss – especially when your boss is a Sith!

  3. The Other Mike says:

    I really like the design of those statues. Interesting choice to have them holding keys in addition to their pikes.