Comic for November 16th, 2016
November 16th, 2016

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Marcus OTerra says:

    and she knocked out the robot. That’s impressive.

  2. Mike says:

    Nobody’s shooting are they trying to take her alive?

    • Lord Vargonius says:

      I’d say crossfire. Poor tactical decision on their part – if one of them misses, they probably hit one of their teammates.

    • TeaAddict1 says:

      They do get paid extra for bringing her in alive. And I don’t think she took out the robot. You can see the tip of his lightsaber and a bit of his arm in that last tiny panel. He’s still standing.

  3. BrickVoid says:

    I kind of get the intended storyline but the panel layout is a little confusing to understand.

    It does seem very much as if she took out the robot, though! ­čśÇ