Comic for February 12th, 2017
February 12th, 2017

Remember the Bowling Green Massacre!


Yeah, me neither.


Seriously though, if you’re not living in the U.S. or watching the Orwellian Fiasco we’re experiencing right now, this is a real thing.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. Louise says:

    But what about the SQUASH COURT KILLINGS? Nobody ever remebers those!

  2. Chaos Marine says:

    What about those happening outside of the US like the rash of terror attacks across Europe. If you want to focus on the US, what about the Orlando Shooting? Does that not count for some reason?

    • DrLegostar says:

      I am fully willing to focus on tragedies that actually happened. The problem is an administration that’s making others up instead of dealing with the real life problems in the states and all over the world.

  3. Mobyulus says:

    Or the melting ice caps? Oh wait that’s a democrat platform so it can’t possibly be wrong. Anyway welcome to what republicans have been dealing with for the last eight years. Guess we figured it’s your turn now.

    • The One Guy says:

      Except that any reputable scientific report on the subject makes it pretty clear global warming is real. Even those knowledgeable on the subject who argue against addressing it just claim it’s natural, not that it’s not real (which is also wrong, but harder to prove). Were it a lie like the Bowling Green Massacre, it would have been exposed just as quickly.

      • hkmaly says:

        There are also different opinions on how serious it is, but yes, no reputable scientist would say nothing is happening (and even the lowest estimates are pretty serious). Similarly, scientists are not completely sure how humans evolved (there are few missing links) but no reputable scientist tries to deny humans evolved.
        So, no, not comparable.

        • hkmaly says:

          (Although it could be compared to Clinton’s mother Hillary falsely claiming to have landed in Bosnia “under sniper fire” during the Bosnian War. Of course media corrected her as well.)

    • Chaos Marine says:

      It’s not global warming, it’s climate change.

      • Skios says:

        In fairness, one of the effects of climate change has been a net increase in the average global temperature.

        • hkmaly says:

          Especially around airports.
          Yes, the average global temperature raised compared to historical records, but those get less precise and less dense the more into past we look. It’s more professional (and safer) to talk about climate change and show how places we have more data for, like Europe, are getting warmer, than speculating about average global temperature.