Comic for March 8th, 2017
March 8th, 2017

The Weirding Way is the Force.  Makes sense, right?

Discussion (4)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    Yes and no. The Weirding Way is an extension of one’s mind and body and also requires one to be able to bypass the laws of physics and cause a dramatic shift in one’s perception of both space-time and cause and effect.

    I’m not exactly sure I explained that correctly, here’s a link that explains it more accurately as a part of the Dune elements:

    I’m betting Marty could learn how to use this himself, and possibly to a much larger effective area, as he is a highly trained Jedi skilled in the use of the Force. 😀 I’d also be willing to bet Shauna could grasp quite a few of the concepts of the Weirding Way, as it seems like something an engineer could understand, especially since she’s adept at turning toasters into warp drives! 😀

    • BrickVoid says:

      As to the “no” part, it doesn’t seem to specifically imply midi-chlorians were involved, as Dune doesn’t make specific use of force manipulation of objects or people’s minds. At least not that I can recall from the Dune movie I saw, if there is a later version that did do this I very likely haven’t seen it. 😀

      • SaylorA says:

        Well, the “Voice” sounds very much like the “Jedi Mind Trick”. Both get you to do things that you otherwise would not do.

  2. Sweeper says:

    Heh… now that I think about it. The madness voice of sparks in Girl Genius has a similar effect on those who have the minion mindset. It’s often described as a change in voice harmonics that tend to grab attention.