Comic for March 17th, 2017
March 17th, 2017


There are a few LEGO heads with blue eyes that are proving to be very useful for this storyline.

Also the idea of Marty yelling “urinate” at the top of his lungs just amused me.

Also Also, yes I know the Stillsuits are more about recycling sweat really than urine, but still, you know this is funnier.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. mithril says:

    per the book, the suits recycle EVERYTHING. Feces, Urine, Sweat, even the moisture in the breath.
    frankly i’m surprised the offworlders didn’t freak out when it hit them where the water they’re drinking came from..

    • hkmaly says:

      You mena the offworlders who traveled from other worlds on spaceships which likely also recycle everything? Although you may be right, it’s less obvious that the water on the ship is recycled …

      • BrickVoid says:

        Not to mention that on the ship they can simply recycle it down to it’s component atoms. Mind you, Dr. Legostar hasn’t really delved deeply into what the Muffin Starship does with it’s waste products! 😀

        That would make for some really good Second String comics, if he hasn’t already made some! 😉

  2. The Other Mike says:

    If you think Marty yelling “Urinate!” is funny, imagine a Dalek doing it. UR-I-NATE!

  3. BrickVoid says:

    Marty’s so used to being on a spaceship he’s forgotten his survival training! 😀