Comic for March 31st, 2017
March 31st, 2017


This chick again.  Looks like Marty has a fan club.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    It’s like explaining the color blue to a person born blind. 😀

  2. TeaAddict1 says:

    I like how Dani’s wiki page says she “attempted” to make friends with Marty. Like she keeps trying and it just isn’t working. Be more friendly, Marty! She’s working at this friendship really really hard, but you have to give it a little, too.

  3. Xaran Alamas says:

    Theory: The baby Sand Worm thing used in the ritual is chock full of Midi-chlorians (aka Ancients) so anyone who drinks it and survives becomes a force user!