Comic for April 27th, 2017
April 27th, 2017

Keslian speaks.

Discussion (10)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    Teamwork isn’t exactly high on the priority list of any of this lot, shooting each other has to come first, i reckon! 😀

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Also, for once MA7-1C3 does something intelligent and shuts up while Keslian speaks. Something is most definitely not right here! 😀

  3. TeaAddict1 says:

    Did we lose sight of Keslian at any point? Maybe there was a switch?

  4. Mr. Speck says:

    While I’ve always been under the impression Keslian Mar was *physically incapable* of normal speech, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if anyone here is an imposter, it’s actually not going to be him.

    Heck, maybe it’s Malvarone himself – between the hat, the goggles, and the respirator, there’s really not a lot anyone can see of his face, and his track record as team ‘leader’ hasn’t been so hot.

  5. Wolf72 says:

    incapable of taking her as a team? … I wouldn’t bet the farm just yet.

    • Wolf72 says:

      wait … I meant something there … OH, right. Belinda would be incapable of taking them as a team.

      2nd part is still valid, imo!

  6. PsihoKekec says:

    Just like Silent Bob