Comic for May 31st, 2017
May 31st, 2017


Discussion (9)¬

  1. Mike says:

    In a plot twist it wasn’t a trap. Wow.

  2. BrickVoid says:

    In an even more amazing plot twist, we suddenly find out Dr. Oon has powers he never even knew he had! 😀

  3. Samuel Bronson says:

    She really didn’t know they were following her? I thought she’d have seen them back there for sure!

  4. TeaAddict1 says:

    She’s just mad that her sickbay is about to get trashed as she wipes the floor with these guys.

  5. Bird of Prey says:

    Bellinda: “Uh… can you bounty hunters wait outside for a minute please? I promise that you’ll have my undivided attention soon, but right now I am busy!”

  6. RAMPAGE says:

    Ahh! Good the blood donors have arrived.

    • Samuel Bronson says:

      I guess a *couple* of them might have blood that operates on the same basic principle as the patient’s…

  7. BlackDove says:

    Because “rush her with all the lasers!” worked out so well for you guys last time

  8. T. Gatto says:

    Someone say “Computer End Program” and they were attacking the hollodeck?

    Wishful thinking…