Comic for June 26th, 2017
June 26th, 2017

It’s always worth checking.

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  1. BrickVoid says:

    I’ve always wondered … Is there really any point to enabling or disabling a gateway in movies and TV shows that use this plot device? Most of Stargate’s gates, for example, seemed to be dialable from the remote end unless a stargate connection was already established, irrespective of whether the owning party wished the gate to be dialed into.

    • Hamof says:

      Well for Stargate specifically, burying a gate would prevent it from working. Except for that one time it didn’t.

      • Thomas says:

        I’ve watched some Stargate SG-1 but not that one. Also, there was that shield that only doesn’t work if a particle accelerator is used to heat it up.

        • Hamof says:

          There were a number of occasions in which the iris didn’t work quite as advertised, but most of the time it worked fine.