Comic for July 12th, 2017
July 12th, 2017

Makes you wonder exactly what happened to Pete.

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  1. TeaAddict1 says:

    But Terry McGinnis is Batman, not Nightwing.

    • BrickVoid says:

      You might not be thinking of Batman beyond, which is where Terry takes over as Nightwing. Are you in the correct fictional comic universe? 😉

      Google is always your friend in these instances, hope that helps! 😀

      • TeaAddict1 says:

        Nope, in Batman Beyond Terry takes over as Batman. The only time he ever wears the Nightwing costume is to fool a guy who is trying to expose Dick Grayson. Google backs me up on this. Terry McGinnis was never Nightwing.

        • BrickVoid says:

          Well, nobody ever said Dr. Legostar couldn’t use it, since Terry did actually wear the Nightwing costume. 😉 Besides which, there’s probably an in-universe reference in this comic universe which Dr. Legostar is undoubtedly using, which doesn’t necessarily rely on other fictional universes being true or not. 😉