Comic for September 1st, 2017
September 1st, 2017

The Doctor, Nardole

I liked Peter Capadli as the Doctor, especially his last season of doing it, and while, don’t get me wrong I really did like Bill and her chemistry with the Doctor and how their relationship was much more on par with that of Tennant and Tate, a more friend dynamic than the companions who swoon over the Doctor, I think my favorite part of that season was Nardole.  Matt Lucas does a marvelous job and his interaction with Capaldi made for some of the best moments of the season, so we’re gonna say this takes place between the Christmas Special and the rest of the season.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. MSM007 says:

    I love how Bob isn’t even phased in the slightest.

  2. BounderTree says:

    Oh god, i read it in their actual voices!