Comic for September 29th, 2017
September 29th, 2017

Patience isn’t the Flash’s strong suit.

Discussion (12)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    Big contradiction in The Doctor’s word balloon, panel 2: “convenient and annoying” – those two words just don’t make sense near each other! ­čśÇ

    • Thomas says:

      It means that there are some ways that it can be more convenient but also can be annoying, not necessarily at the same time.

  2. Hamof says:

    By the way, in case you’re unaware, the Flash is very patient, as long as he’s doing something. This is the guy who once read an entire library without taking a break. Though his patience does take a nosedive if, as in this case, he’s waiting for someone else to do something.

    • Kaian says:

      I would read the entire library if I was capable of it. IE speed and lack of need to sleep. . . So not sure that is patience or just likes books.

      • Hamof says:

        I’m pretty sure no incarnation of the Flash was that kind of person, now this is probably superpowered patience, but the point still stands that the Flash is capable of being incredibly patient if he’s actually doing something at the time.

        • Mike says:

          Hate to burst your bubbles, but last time I actually checked the powers/speed of the Flash, he lived in trillionths of a second (or faster, whatever the term for it is). Just waiting for someone to TALK is incredible patience since he has to wait for them to sound out EACH AND EVERY SYLLABLE. The equivalent is that he has to wait about 10 YEARS for someone to say the word “hello”.

          • Hamof says:

            I think that depending on who’s writing, he has a variable perception of time. Normally he’s going at about human speed. (Unless of course, the writer is reaching into the grimderp toolbox.)

          • rmsgrey says:

            The standard version of the Flash operates at “normal human” speeds unless he’s actively using his speed powers – at which point he is suddenly much, much faster.

            Oh, and your scale’s a bit off – saying “hello” takes (roughly) a second, while 10 years is (roughly) 300,000,000 seconds. So if Flash is living in trillionths of a second (pico-seconds), then regular humans would be living in thousandths of a second (milli-seconds), rather than deci-seconds (tenths of a second). Flash would really be waiting 1000 years for someone to say “hello” at your scale.

  3. ladyblanc says:

    Small quibble – Hill Valley is on Earth. You know, California.

    • rmsgrey says:

      We’re hoping no-one realises so we can avoid the blame…

    • Ryubbert Narraetsor says:

      Hasn’t it been theorised elswhere on tet interwebs that Hill Valley is some sort of afterlife?

      • Oldfan says:

        With apologies to Saturday Night Live and William Shatner:

        “For crying out loud, it’s just a movie!”

        (Oh, and “get off my lawn!”)