Comic for October 4th, 2017
October 4th, 2017

The Teacher’s TARDIS looks like a school bus.  The Governess’s TARDIS is an umbrella and she’s got a handbag that’s bigger on the inside.  You know who I’m talking about.

Discussion (12)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    The Teacher’s TARDIS is Ms. Valerie Frizzle and her magic school bus with students and her pet lizard, Liz, who also helps out with managing the bus when needed.

    I’m not sure if Dr. Legostar is referring to the Mary Poppins character from the 1964 film or the book, but I’ve seen the film, don’t recall reading the book offhand, but I might have read it in my younger years.

    If I recall rightly, I’m not actually sure if she time-traveled, I only recall she had a magic bedknob that took the people on the bed it was attached to on journeys to places they wished to go. Being a practicing witch, I believe anything she wanted to make happen was possible, so time travel is certainly not out of the question. 😀

    • TeaAddict1 says:

      You’re thinking of Bedknobs and Broomsticks in that last paragraph, not Mary Poppins. The actor who played the father in Mary Poppins was in both movies so I can understand the confusion.

      • BrickVoid says:

        Yeah, it has been too long sometimes, I think these memories are already getting dusty! 😀

        I’m pretty sure, though, that Mary Poppins had some kind of travel abilities. Whether they definitely involved time travel was not mentioned in the wiki article I skimmed. At least, not that I immediately found. I could be wrong.

        • JuL says:

          Well, she travelled with the wind. And she did have certain abilities or they wouldn’t have those adventures in the paintings.

          • pretty_blossom says:

            Mary Poppins traveled – in the movie at least – into a painting. Didn’t read the books, maybe they had more trips to other locations there – but that carpet-bag was definitely timelord technology.

            The witch in Bedknobs and Broomsticks did have one that made a magic bed – but no time travel – just necromancy and some Travelling to weird locations.

            Still – the list of time travellers available to show up is pretty big – just as well that they’re not hanging around for most of them.

    • Samuel Bronson says:

      Wait, why Valerie and not Fiona?

      • BrickVoid says:

        For two reasons: First, I hadn’t noticed Fiona. Second, I looked at the Wikipedia article and listed the name they mentioned as the primary character. That was Valerie. 😀 Satisfied? No? Well, it’s confusing, but hey I always thought of her as just Ms. Frizzle and never knew she had a younger sister, I watched the original Ms. Frizzle, so to me it was always Valerie. 😀

  2. Xaran Alamas says:

    Miss Frizzle is a Time Lord… headcanon accepted!

  3. Artemis says:

    When the Teacher and the Governess arrive the singing starts. Gotta leave before the singing.

  4. Leira says:

    Okay, I’ve gotten most of the references so far (including the Teacher and Governess) but don’t recognize NJ. Can someone help me out here?

  5. Wolf72 says:

    Whoa! Ms. Frizzle? That would be a cool addition!