Comic for October 24th, 2017
October 24th, 2017

It’s a last resort, but she’d do it.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    “You’re dangerous.” She got that part right! 😀 The question is, does he know how dangerous she is? I very much doubt it! 😀

    • Sweeper says:

      Or rather, he does but h’s doing the underestimating bit.

      Heh… You’d think the Evil Overlord list would be ubiquitous by now. 🙂

  2. Wolf72 says:

    Maybe I’m just grumpy … but I think Belinda needs to show her son what dangerous really is. But, to make sure the point is made, repeatedly …

    Sometimes proving your point once or twice just makes others angry/whiny … she needs to rub his nose in it.