Comic for January 4th, 2018
January 4th, 2018

Captain Malcom Xavier Hood

His parents had the same last name.  Not really a long story.  Or perhaps that name means something more to Bob than it does to us.  Who knows?  You don’t.  I might.  We’ll see.

Discussion (9)¬

  1. Mr. Speck says:

    I’m torn between thinking this is when the Xanatos shows its true colors, and thinking that, true to the name, there’ll be a playing-both-sides thing going on.

  2. Delta Echo says:

    “You are harboring fugitives!”
    “Yeah, y’know, I woke up this morning and learned that, it reminded me that it was Tuesday.”

  3. Pyradonis says:

    I’m probably forgetting things from a month ago, but why is Johnny a fugitive again?

  4. Bird of Prey says:

    As long as Jeffrey’s actual name doesn’t turn out to be Armin Tamzarian… 😉

  5. BrickVoid says:

    The Xanatos has two chances of getting the fugitives it wants: Fat chance and no chance! 😀

    I wonder how quickly this will escalate to Bob outright shooting the Xanatos? 😀

  6. BrickVoid says:

    Just a question for Dr. Legostar: Shouldn’t the communications from the Xanatos have a slightly different word balloon around them? 😀

    • Toxicodendron says:

      They had gotten a better microphone and transmitter on the other ship and the Muffin could have a good receiver and speaker.