Comic for January 24th, 2018
January 24th, 2018

Anson Wallace

He’s looking a bit older than the last time we saw him.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    Wow, I think NJ overshot her age estimate by quite a lot. Or she put him on the wrong ship! 😀

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Also, i think it’s time for another visit from the Doctor. He’s certainly going to want to at least try and fix this mess! 😀

  3. Pyradonis says:

    Not that I don’t like Shauna, but why exactly is it part of her job as an engineer to interview revived human popsicles? Wouldn’t Alice or anyone else with understanding of psychology a better choice?

    • Mike says:

      Probably there as a senior officer or maybe a member of the away team.

    • Ladyblanc says:

      Or Belinda may have needed her expertise with the cryopod machinery.

    • Pyradonis says:

      Valid suggestions, but now they are in the Muffin’s sickbay. They could’ve thought of bringing a psychiatrist. Oh, well, this is still the Muffin.^^

      • BrickVoid says:

        As if Belinda’s skills at reading people’s minds isn’t enough! 😀

        • Pyradonis says:

          It’s not just about that, it’s about the psychological shock when being defrosted in a future you know nothing about and everyone you knew being dead long since.