Comic for November 2nd, 2014
November 2nd, 2014

Ensign Thadius Ryan, Dobikar Aaroth, Mork, Arnoth’s Bar and Grill

I wanted to do something as a bit of a tribute to Robin Williams.  I know it’s been a few months but I wanted to work it in.  I find it odd that I haven’t done anything with Mork in the comic yet, as Mork & Mindy was one of my first exposures to science fiction.  I learned to do the “Vulcan salute” from Mork, not from Spock.  Robin Williams was an incredible talent who will be greatly missed and I know for many his passing was somehow more heartbreaking than many other celebrities, we grew up with Robin, he was such a huge part of movies and t.v. and he somehow made you feel like he was somehow a part of your own little world.  So this is what I do in his memory.


  1. dlenn says:

    Awww RIP Robin