Comic for October 21st, 2016
October 21st, 2016

And how!

Discussion (7)¬

  1. Riftx says:

    I somehow have the image of it sticking it in its inside mouth and just sneaking up behind every one

  2. Sweeper says:

    Well, apparently, the xenomorphs of the LGU can think, reason, and use technology, (remember Queenie?) I wonder if anyone would actually be surprised that this one can use a lightsaber.

    • SaylorA says:

      Does that mean it can use the Force? I always thought you needed some skill with the Force to be able to use a lightsaber properly.

      • Ralthar says:

        You don’t “need” to be force sensitive to use a lightsaber effectively, but it certainly helps. The alternative is years (if not decades) of dedicated training to master the length of a particular saber, and ingrain the muscle memory. And you still would barely be able to hold your own against any semi-trained force user for three simple reasons: They are faster, they can more easily read/predict your own movements, and they have telekinesis (they really don’t have to fight you when they can just force shove you into a wall or off a ledge).

      • Delta Echo says:

        It’s preferred, but not required (see also Cad Bane).

  3. Lord Verminus says:

    … … … A .. lightsaber… wielding… xenomorph??!!??!
    Great…. my nightmares are going to be a lot worse from now on.

    Please don’t tell me it inheritted it’s hosts force abilities as well….


  4. BrokenEye, True False Prophet says:

    … clever girl