Comic for October 23rd, 2016
October 23rd, 2016

Ensign Remy Gasper, Freddy Krueger, Adam Conover

Adam Ruins Everything” has become one of my favorite things to watch on Youtube.

Discussion (8)¬

  1. dragma says:

    Great Adam Mini fig, where did you get the hair, It is a spitting image for his.

  2. wolf72 says:

    It’s a great show … diamonds, showers, and lots of other great ‘ruined’.

  3. CommanderBalok says:

    I just found Adam Ruins Everything the other day! He’s a lot of fun to watch!

  4. hkmaly says:

    Wasn’t the point of Nightmare from Elm Street that dreams USUALLY don’t work this way?

  5. Some Ron says:

    Thanks for the reference. This show is awesome! Legostar Galactica is awesome, too, of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t come back every day.

  6. General Mars says:

    In this setting, what can’t he ruin?