Comic for January 1st, 2017
January 1st, 2017

2016 saw a lot of loss of some great entertainers.  A lot.  We saw some great musicians, actors, and others this year.  Between David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Mohammad Ali, Alan Rickman, and just this week, not only Carrie Fisher, but the next day her mother, Debbie Reynolds as well, it’s been a very sad year for a lot of fans.  I could try to do tributes to all of them, but I’m leaving it at Carrie and Kenny, simply due to their inspiration for so much in this comic.  Carrie Fisher represents a lot of inspiration for strong female characters in Sci-fi and in my case specifically Belinda and Shauna.  To the point that Belinda’s head is from the original Leia minifigure, and that was quite intentional.  We lost a lot of greats in 2016, may they all rest in peace and may we all survive 2017 with some kind of hope.  Hang on, kids, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  1. SaylorA says:


  2. BrickVoid says:

    Every time a celebrity dies, I feel empathy for them. A lot of the times I was at a loss for words, and this time was no exception. R.I.P. all who we’ve lost in 2016, it was a heavy hit on celebrities from all sorts of professions.

    Also kudos to Dr. Legostar on getting out a very well done scene on such short notice. It takes time and effort to make a single comic for this webcomic, and you pull out a real bag of special effects every time you make a special comic on short notice! A very professionally done response to sudden changes in people’s lives!

  3. Balthy says:

    Well said.

    *observes a moment of silence

  4. Colin says:

    Also my father-in-law, who was a kind and very entertaining man. Two days ago.

    • DrLegostar says:

      My condolences. I lost an uncle this year. Sometimes in the face of all the famous people that fall away we don’t recognize all the regular folks we and our friends have lost.

  5. dlenn says:

    Very nicr touch. They are with the force now.