Comic for January 2nd, 2017
January 2nd, 2017

Season 15, Episode 7: The Seventh Seal, Castia, Jeff the Ninja, Mitch the Ninja, Stan the Ninja, So Waan Shin, Sam the Ninja, Betsy the Ninja

Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Ralthar says:

    “Now if only we had a ninja or something, we’d be outta here in no time…”

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Something observant readers who are regulars should pick up on immediately is that none of them have their weapons. Therefore between their last canon appearance in-strip and this one, not counting Second String, there have been some developments. ­čśÇ

    • MarcusOterra says:

      Because hanging out in cold dark, snake themed, prisons is totally normal for ninjas who are just hanging out.

      *Looks at a particular ninja series* TOTALLY. NORMAL.