Comic for November 3rd, 2017
November 3rd, 2017

At least they didn’t shoot on site.

Discussion (7)¬

  1. BrickVoid says:

    So they’re going to shoot her off-camera, is that it? 😀

    • Cosmas says:

      Yeah. They caught *sight* of her, but now need to take her to another *site* to finish her off. Maybe they’ll *cite* Johnny for colluding with a fugitive.

      • BrickVoid says:

        of course, knowing the kind of crew that are on the Muffin, the backup sent along is going to have a field day dealing with them long before they ever get her to wherever they were supposed to take her! 😀

      • Artemis says:

        How Exciting!

  2. BrickVoid says:

    Don’t tell me, let me guess, she’s come up with a way to convert a Death Star’s super weapon into a weapon that magically makes all her credit card debt go away fast! 😀

  3. Coyote says:

    If Johnny pulls a Chev Chelios from the beginning of the hotel top fight scene from ‘Crank’ I will die laughing.